Grout and Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpet/rug cleaning service is great for general maintenance of the carpet, move-ins & move-outs, area rug maintenance, and after an event. We thoroughly clean the carpets giving extra care to spot stains and high traffic areas to restore the carpeting to the best condition possible. We use a Bissell unit with commercial soap and warm water so we are also able to service high-rise apartments and condominiums!

Upholstery cleaning services

Our upholstery steam cleaning is great for sofas, chairs, pillows, and other fabrics around the house! Have your sofas and chairs cleaned of all the grime, dust, and stains it may have.

Deep Cleaning Services

If deep cleaning your home is more than you want to tackle, we’ve got you covered! We can deep clean your carpets, tiles, and grout and shampoo your upholstered furniture. This includes stain removal. We are also a full-service cleaning company, so while we are at it, we can also deep clean your entire home—walls, ceilings, windows, closets, cupboards, window treatments, and more.