Grout and Carpet Cleaning

About Magic Maids Carpet Cleaning
My name is Italia Tornabene. Like many Americans, I found myself without a reliable income during the pandemic. As a single mom, I began thinking outside of the box to ensure my family’s security. Stuck at home with few places to go, I passed the time by deep cleaning and reorganizing my home in a way I didn’t have the time to do before the pandemic. I even cleaned my carpets and upholstery! The sense of accomplishment I felt from detailing my home inspired me to start offering carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Las Vegas.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas

If deep cleaning your home is more than you want to tackle, we’ve got you covered! We can deep clean your carpets, tiles, and grout and shampoo your upholstered furniture. This includes stain removal. We are also a full-service cleaning company, so while we are at it, we can also deep clean your entire home—walls, ceilings, windows, closets, cupboards, window treatments, and more.
By offering what other carpet and upholstery services in Las Vegas do not, I save my clients the time and stress of having to hire multiple cleaning companies to clean, organize, and detail their homes. It brings me great joy when I see how pleased my clients are with their detail-cleaned home.

fully licensed, bonded, and insured

Magic Maids cleans with quality products, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and we perform background checks on all our employees.
When your floor and upholstery needs cleaned Magic Maids is only a phone call away!